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Although the timing can vary widely, most babies start teething at about 6 to 8 months of age. Tooth eruption can cause your baby significant discomfort. If you are wondering what the best foods are to ease teething pain, here are a few options to try:


Take a small slice of watermelon or cut it into a few sticks and refrigerate for a few hours. Give it to your little one straight out of the fridge whenever they turn cranky because of sore gums. Do not remove the rind, as your baby will love to gnaw on it.


Cucumbers are one of the best natural remedies to soothe inflamed gums in teething toddlers. Remove the peel and cut the cucumber into rings or sticks. If they turn their head away, dip it in a natural puree before offering it again. Try to give this vegetable slightly chilled as it increases the effectiveness of pain relief.

Teething Biscuits

Teething biscuits not only help soothe sore gums but are also a delicious snack. They are specially formulated to dissolve quickly in the baby’s mouth to prevent the risk of choking. But you must still keep a close eye on your toddler as they munch on these crumbly snacks. Teething biscuits are available at most grocery stores. However, you can also make them easily at home. For over-the-shelf biscuits, make sure to buy nutritious ones from a reliable brand.

A Note Of Caution

Excessive drooling, irritability, tender gums, and chewing on toys or any other object, for that matter, are all common symptoms of teething.
However, if they develop a fever or diarrhea, you must not delay seeking medical advice. Remember, whether at-home remedies provide teething pain relief to your toddler or not, it’s essential to visit a pediatric dentist at the first sign of tooth eruption.

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