Tips for Enhancing your Childs Dental Experience


We need to schedule one or more visits to restore your child’s teeth as described in the treatment plan you have been given. To ensure a positive experience, please refer to these guidelines:

•  We prefer to schedule younger or apprehensive children early in the morning when they are fresh and alert. We require a parent to remain in the office for the entire treatment.

•  When talking to your child about this appointment, focus on the positive.  Your words can influence your child’s behavior. Never use the words shot, drill, hurt or needle. Avoid saying, “Don’t be

scared,” as this may cause fear. Instead, encourage your child by saying, “this is fine, go ahead and have a good time.” We reward good behavior with a small prize!

•  Studies have shown that children over the age of three respond better to dental treatment when their parents are not in sight. Our purpose is to gain your child’s confidence, overcome apprehension, and encourage independence. You have shown your trust in us as dental professionals by bringing your child to our office. You can teach your child to trust us by allowing him or her to enter the operatory without you.

•  Separation anxiety is not uncommon in younger children. Do not be concerned if your child initially displays fearful behavior. This is normal and should soon diminish. Our staff is experienced in helping children overcome their apprehension and ensuring they have the best experience possible at each visit.

•  Our office environment is designed for children and we work with young children every day. Our priority is quality care and comfort for each of our patients.

•  We want you to stay involved in your child’s dental care and encourage you to ask questions. Through communication and trust, your child will have a successful and pleasant experience.