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Even after training your child to brush their teeth, they may take a while before they can do a perfect job. For this reason, you need to inspect their mouth to prevent plaque formation. If left to accumulate, plaque attracts acid-forming bacteria, which causes tooth decay. Therefore, if your child is to enjoy good oral health, you should ensure they remove as much plaque as possible during regular brushing. To ensure your child does a thorough brushing, you can use plaque disclosing tablets to identify plaques on your child’s teeth.

How Plaque Disclosing Tablets Work

Plaque disclosing tablets dye your teeth either red or pink and help you see any plaque deposits. They help your child improve their brushing skills by sticking on the plaque, allowing them to see tooth surfaces they need to focus on more when they brush their teeth. This way, they will stop overlooking these areas and can brush their teeth again to remove the plaques. In addition to highlighting the plaques, these tablets motivate your child to brush better and make brushing more fun.

Is It Safe To Use Plaque Disclosing Tablets?

Generally, plaque disclosing tablets are safe for your child and will not cause any adverse side effects on their oral or general health. However, before using these tablets on your child, read and follow all the instructions. You should also ensure your child does not swallow the tablet, which is why it is ideal for use in children who already know how to spit out toothpaste. While plaque disclosing tablets help your child brush their teeth better, you still need to schedule cleaning procedures at least twice a year for them since brushing alone is ineffective at removing plaques that form on the hard-to-reach areas. For more details on the use and safety of plaque disclosing tablets on your child, contact our office today.