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Nothing stays the same. That is certainly true during the formative years or when a child becomes a teen. The mouth is different after a person becomes a teen, as most of the permanent teeth have erupted, and their dental care needs are different.

Taking Care Of Permanent Teeth

Most permanent teeth emerge by the time a person reaches the age of 13. Therefore, in most cases, all the baby teeth are gone, and the second set of teeth have fully emerged except for the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth, which do not replace any baby teeth, usually come in, if they are not impacted, between 17 and 21. Each of the permanent teeth that emerge plays a part in chewing and digestion. A teen’s teeth represent the second set of 32 permanent teeth, or secondary teeth, called adult teeth. Children have 20 deciduous teeth that they begin to lose at six years of age.

The Names Of The Permanent Teeth

Each of the teeth that come in by the teen years serves different roles in chewing. The incisors are the front teeth, while the sharp canines are featured on each side of the incisors. Behind the canines are the premolars, also called the bicuspids, which number 4. Three sets of molars follow in the back of the mouth. The final and third molars represent the wisdom teeth. These teeth can cause problems with infection, pain, or crowding, so they are usually removed.

Taking Care Of The Permanent Teeth

Many teens are concerned with their appearance during their teen years, so they may not want to wear braces once they become adolescents. Some teens will wear aligning trays to straighten the teeth or will opt to wear ceramic tooth-colored braces or lingual braces that fit behind the teeth. Learning good oral hygiene during childhood and adolescence will ensure fewer oral health problems when a teen becomes an adult.

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