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Brushing your child’s teeth can be pretty simple when they are very young. However, it can be more challenging as they enter their toddler phase and become more independent. When this happens, it is vital that you create a positive relationship between your child and teeth brushing. However, this can sometimes be easier said than done.

Fortunately, accomplishing this goal is well within your grasp with the use of a few simple tips. One great way of getting them excited is to incorporate a song. Your child should be brushing their teeth for two minutes per session, twice per day. There are several free songs available online about tooth brushing that last for exactly two minutes.

Another way of making them excited about tooth brushing is to let them brush their teeth with you. Doing so can show them that oral hygiene is important to you and can make them feel like it should be important to them as well.

Get Them Involved

In addition to the above tips, getting your child involved in their oral hygiene is a great way to boost their excitement. Toddlers are usually aware enough to pick their own toothbrushes. Guiding them through the process and letting them choose one that features their favorite cartoon character is a sure way to make brushing more enjoyable.

Having the right toothpaste is also important. Not only should the toothpaste be age-appropriate, but you can try different pastes until you find one that is flavored for their tastes. A good-tasting toothpaste can make brushing seem almost like a treat or reward. Just make sure you encourage them not to swallow it.

If you need more guidance to encourage good brushing habits or would like to get your child established with a skilled pediatric team, call our office today.