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Kids lose their interest in brushing and flossing when you take any element of fun away from the activity. To get your kid to brush and floss then, you must make it interesting.

Choosing The Right Dental Tools

Brushing the teeth comes more fun for kids when they can use toothbrushes that feature colorful or animated characters. It also helps to use toothpaste that tastes good, thereby providing an extra incentive to brush the teeth and gums longer. Just make sure the toothbrushes and toothpaste have been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Make Toothbrushing A Game

You can make toothbrushing fun by making the activity a game. Take an egg timer, turn it over and challenge your child to rush until the timer runs out of sand. You can also buy your child a toothbrush with blinking lights and music that stop after they brush for two minutes. You can also use a brushing app that plays tunes while your children brush their teeth. It also reminds them to brush and floss. You might also think about creating the choice of a reward – rewarding your child each time they brush their teeth for two minutes.

Share A Story That Encourages Teeth Brushing

Another way to get your child to brush is to tell a story. For example, you might say to them that if they brush their teeth, they will chase certain germs away. Show them how to grip their brush and the most effective ways to make this happen.

You can get your child to regularly brush and floss. You just need to make the activity fun and interesting. By taking this approach, even the most reluctant brusher will want to brush. Give us a call today if you have not scheduled an exam and cleaning for your child in the last six months.