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The dental treatments for children are slightly different from the adult dental treatments. Children’s dental appointments should be more frequent since they are at the stage when their teeth are still developing. It is essential to monitor their dental health regularly and understand pediatric dental treatments to enhance their oral hygiene.

Dr. Justin and Dr. Joni and our dentists at Gallatin Valley Pediatric Dentistry can assist you in understanding the oral health of your child and determine if they need any treatment. Here are some of the most common pediatric dental treatments your child might need depending on their oral health:

Dental Fillings

Since children’s teeth are at a developing stage, they are more prone to tooth decay resulting in cavities. Dental fillings are the easiest way to treat most cavities. The pediatrician will first numb the infected tooth and remove the damaged parts.

Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleaning is another crucial part of your children’s oral hygiene. In this dental treatment, the pediatrician thoroughly cleans the teeth to eliminate any plaque built-up. It is a quick and easy procedure.

Tooth Extractions

Another common dental treatment pediatricians conduct is extractions of the tooth. Due to high sugar consumption, a lot of children might need a tooth extraction. Localized numbing is first done to prevent the child from feeling any pain, and then the infected tooth is pulled out.

Dental Crowns

The pediatrician recommends dental crowns when your child’s tooth gets severely infected. This is another dental treatment that has become relatively common nowadays. Dental crowns help in renewing and restoring the teeth that get damaged.

At Gallatin Valley Pediatric Dentistry, our experienced doctors, Dr. Justin and Dr. Joni, or our dentists, take proper care of your children’s oral hygiene in a comfortable environment. If you have any queries about pediatric dental treatments or want to schedule an appointment, you can call us at 406-587-2327 today.