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Every patient is unique that we see. Therefore, we take this fully into account when we are treating patients. For example, a child with special needs has specific requirements that we must meet when treating them dentally.

The Definition Of Special Needs Care

Dental patients with special needs include those children who have impairments that may be physical, developmental, mental, sensory, or cognitive. Some patients may be affected by an orofacial condition or disorder. Frequently, patients with special needs have a greater need for dental treatment and require a specific level of care. That is why we schedule special needs appointments when our office is less busy. Doing so allows us to devote more time to the patient’s specific health needs and dental care. When communicating with patients, we will use a slower approach, taking our time to ensure that the patient feels comfortable.

Medical Considerations

When preparing for a special needs patient’s dental care, we also consult with their other medical providers. For example, we may need to consult with the patient’s physician about the patient’s medicines, sedation, any special restrictions, or required preparations. Doing so ensures that we can safely deliver our dental services conveniently and supportively.

Preparing For Patient Care

Because a special needs patient has specific care needs, medically and dentally, we make sure that our services are integrated with the patient’s other care providers’ services. Doing so will make the patient’s dental visit more positive and help us provide the ultimate dental assistance and support.

Do you have a special needs child? If so, call us now to schedule an appointment for an exam and check-up. We will work with you to ensure that your child receives the oral health services they need while working with other providers. Give us a call now to arrange a dental visit.