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Getting your child to eat healthy foods can sometimes be challenging, especially if the child is picky. However, you can always sneak new and nutritious foods into the child’s diet. It can be difficult to incorporate all the new foods in one day, especially if the child isn’t used to rapid changes. If you have a picky child, it is recommended that you offer them special meals on a repeat basis. This is helpful because it motivates them to try out new foods. Here are ways through which you can sneak new food into your child’s diet.

Replace Junk Food

You can sneak in new foods by replacing junk food. Replace it with healthier and more nutritious versions of the snacks your child is used to. For example, you can replace buttered popcorn loaded with sodium and fats with air-popped popcorn. This is a better alternative that can help improve your baby’s health. Furthermore, instead of a store-bought trail mix filled with preservatives and refined sugars, make your own trail mix with dried nuts and fruits. Avoiding sugars is vital because they can damage your child’s young teeth.

Be As Sneaky As Possible

You should always think of slipping nutritious foods and alternatives into your child’s meal. Introduce fruits and fruit purees to baked cereals and pancakes. Furthermore, you can prepare homemade goodies with a gluten-free substitute such as rolled oats or with whole grain flour. You can also replace mayo with avocado, which is full of healthy fats. Try sneaking in Greek yogurt, which is packed with protein, and get rid of sour cream. Your child should also eat leaner meats like ground turkey instead of beef.

Going for healthier foods will help improve your child’s oral health. You should also avoid feeding them foods with high acid levels because it could damage their teeth. Visit our offices for more information on taking care of your child’s teeth.