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What Are Pulpotomies? Since your child’s teeth are vital to their normal development of speech patterns, our pediatric dental professionals make every effort to save

HOW THE MOUTH OF A TEEN CHANGES AFTER CHILDHOOD Nothing stays the same. That is certainly true during the formative years or when a child

TEETHING TODDLERS: 3 FOODS TO SOOTHE SORE GUMS Although the timing can vary widely, most babies start teething at about 6 to 8 months of

IS IT SAFE FOR CHILDREN TO USEWHITENING TOOTHPASTE? Tooth discoloration can make both adults and children feel self-conscious about their smiles. If your child wants

SHOULD I LET MY CHILD USE PLAQUE DISCLOSING TABLETS TO BRUSH? Even after training your child to brush their teeth, they may take a while

CAN YOU SNEAK IN NEW FOODS TO YOUR PICKY CHILD’S DIET? Getting your child to eat healthy foods can sometimes be challenging, especially if the

HOW TEETH CHANGE AS WE GO INTO THE EARLY TEEN YEARS We see remarkable changes in the development of teeth during the younger years and

FUN TIPS FOR MAKING BRUSHING AND FLOSSING EASIER FOR KIDS Kids lose their interest in brushing and flossing when you take any element of fun

WHY LETTING YOUR CHILD SUCK THEIR THUMB IS A BAD IDEA Thumb sucking, according to the American Dental Association, is a natural reflex in infants

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