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If you haven’t kept up with your kid’s oral hygiene, you are likely to be subjected to a scream fest from them the moment they see the drill that will remove their cavities. You can easily avoid all this mess by making sure your kid follows a brushing routine that gets them to brush twice a day, morning and nighttime, along with using a good mouthwash and flossing.

Most kids tend to hate flossing. However, by following the same routine and showing them how it made your teeth stronger, you can get them on the right track. Dr. Justin and Dr. Joni and our dentists at Gallatin Valley Pediatric Dentistry recommend that you start teaching your kids good oral hygiene habits early so that as they grow, it becomes a part of their routine.

Following are five tips on how to prevent cavities in kids:

Don't Share Drinks And Food

Bacteria transfer easily from the slightest touch. So, avoid sharing your food and drinks with your kids and tell them to do the same with their friends.

Stop Frequent Snacking

Kids usually snack on crisps and candies. These are the worst types of junk food and cause severe cavities. So, make sure that when your kid is hankering for a snack, they munch on something healthy.

Give Them Crispy Fruit Slices For Breakfast

Fruits that have a high amount of water and are crunchy keep your mouth hydrated, which prevents halitosis.

Stop Them From Eating Sticky Candies

Sticky candies and toffees lead to acid formation, which can accelerate tooth decay.

Add Nuts And Cheese To Their Diet

Nuts and cheese are snacks that are great acid-fighters. They help remineralize the teeth and make them stronger as kids grow.

And that’s how you prevent your kids from coming to you in the middle of the night, complaining of a toothache. If this is what you are going through, then we suggest paying a visit to Gallatin Valley Pediatric Dentistry. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Justin and Dr. Joni or our dentists, call at 406-587-2327.